Introducing BLUElab Thailand

BLUElab Thailand is a socially engaged design team based in Ann Arbor, MI. We work closely with the Mae Chan municipality in Thailand to codesign flood mitigation techniques that are unique, sustainable, and human-centric. Purchasing apparel from us would go a long way to help us reach our goal. Look stylish, and feel good wearing a brand that represents giving back to the community.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to excellence in all that we do, and use the engineering design process to deliver something our stakeholders expect: quality. The same applies to our merchandise. You can expect great quality fabric and graphics manufactured from local businesses.

Purchase Our Fall 2020 Apparel

We hope you're as excited about our mission and brand as we are. All profits from the products you buy go back into prototyping, and also help support local businesses. From all of us here at BLTH, thank you!

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